Sonntag, 11. März 2012


So, I've been always been into Classic Rap/ Hiphop and but now i'm checking out all the new rappers who are thying to get into the rapgame. Earlier, I always thought, that rap is all about bitches and money, but then i started listening to people like Nas, Slick Rick, Rakim or ll Cool J. So folks, give it a chance ;)

I tried some new guys, and i found him:

Got a kinda cool vibe. Hope u guys and gals like it.


  1. Hey ya there. Nice blog you got going on here! I personally like to stick to old school rappers such as Tribe Called Quest and Dr. Dre (Chronic is da shizzzz). Also, Following!

  2. cool track. really meets my taste. If you want to check out you might find some stuff you'll like!